Light Justice

Everyone deserves good lighting and beneficial darkness.

Light Justice is the practice of planning, designing, implementing, and investing in lighting for historically neglected communities through a process of stakeholder respect and engagement.

What is Light Justice?

Thoughtfully designed and regularly maintained lighting is too often a signifier of prosperity. Under-resourced communities frequently endure inappropriate and even oppressive lighting, which in turn is detrimental to their well-being. 

The lighting profession has both the obligation and opportunity to improve the visual experience of communities which historically have not been afforded adequate lighting attention and technology. Recognition of this responsibility, and curiosity around how lighting can contribute to greater social and environmental equity, is where light justice begins.

What is

A forum for lighting professionals to share information and ideas about lighting justice issues, opportunities, and actions.
A repository for lighting justice resources accessible to everyone, whether lighting professionals or community members.
A hub to connect efforts across organizations in the pursuit of greater justice in how communities are impacted by light.

Be an advocate!

Light Justice is a collective effort and an ongoing learning endeavor. It spans everyone who cares about light and is impacted by light – both in the lighting profession and in our local communities. Join the conversation and learn to advocate for light justice! 

Stay Informed!

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